Champ VMV LED Hazardous Area Light Fixtures

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The Crouse-Hinds series Champ VMV LED is our flagship LED fixture for Class I and Class II hazardous area mid bay and high bay downlighting. It is available in 9 models ranging from 3,000 lumens to 25,000 lumens. This offers a lighting solution for areas with mounting heights from 8’ all the way up to 60’.

Champ VMV LED light fixtures are engineered to provide maintenance-free operation, while delivering long life and high lumen performance. The NEMA 4X fixture provides up to 124 lumens per watt, and custom Type I, III and V optics maximize light distribution and intensity.

Champ VMV LEDs are certified for use in NEC, CEC and IEC hazardous locations, providing a single solution for applications around the world. These light fixtures are ideal for indoor and outdoor general area lighting in oil & gas refineries, drilling rigs, petrochemical plants, food and beverage facilities, and other industrial applications where flammable gases, vapors, dusts , fibers or flyings are present.

Key Feature

– Globally certified for use in classified, hazardous areas
– Nine models from 3,000 lumens to 25,000 lumens for areas with mounting heights of 8-60 feet
– Die cast aluminum heat sink increases surface areas and improves airflow, optimizing both LED and driver life; the VMVL LED has a rated – life of 60,000 hours at 55°C ambient, and its economic life ranges from 7 to 20 years
– Energy-efficient technology – up to 77% energy savings over HID fixtures
– Shock- and vibration-resistant solid state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break – greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
– Custom Type V, Type III and Type I optics distribute the light where it is needed most and can help reduce the number of fixtures required for certain lighting applications
– Contractor-friendly VMVL LED utilizes the same mounting modules as our legacy HID luminaires, simplifying installation and reducing costs in retrofit projects
– Mounting styles – pendant mount; cone pendant mount; flexible pendant mount; ceiling mount; wall mount; stanchion 25° mount; stanchion straight mount
– Cool white standard (5000K, 70 CRI); warm white (3000K, 80 CRI) and neutral white (4000K, 70 CRI) optional
– Instant illumination and restrike
– Cold temperature operation/no warm-up required
– Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
– Operating ambient: -40°C to 65°C (VMVL3-VMVL11 models); -40°C to 55°C (VMVL13-VMVL25 models)

Standard materials
– Lamp housing and adapter – die cast aluminum with Corro-free epoxy powder coat
– Lens – heat- and impact-resistant glass
– Gaskets – silicone
– External hardware – stainless steel
– Factory sealed, no external seals required

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