Earth Rite Multipoint

  • Multiple Static Grounding System

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The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II is a unique static grounding system that can monitor the simultaneous  grounding of up to eight (8) individual pieces of equipment at risk of discharging electrostatic sparks.

Key Feature

The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II builds on the success of its predecessor offering equipment specifiers an advanced digitally embedded system that actively monitors the grounding of up to 8 separate items of plant equipment.

The incorporation of embedded digital technology enables the Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II to:

  • Offer unrivalled precision with which a grounding system can monitor EX/HAZLOC grounding and bonding circuits.
  • self-check the EX/HAZLOC monitored grounding circuits so that permissive conditions are only achieved when a resistance value of 10 ohms or less is seen by the micro-controller.
  • offer flexible, energy efficient Intrinsically Safe indicator stations that can be positioned in any Zone or Division around a plant.
  • provide an off the shelf system that incorporates an individual SP/DT relay contact for each monitored channel.
  • provide a group relay function that enables the grouping of any number of monitored channels via a set of SP/DT relay contacts.
  • incorporate software written to the leading industry standard MISRA-C protocol.
  • provide a self-monitoring watchdog emergency shutdown function that ensures a fail-safe condition is achieved if a circuit or software malfunction is detected via a SP/DT relay.

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Earth Rite Multipoint

  • Multiple Static Grounding System