Electrical Connectivity with CEAG-Plugs & Receptacles

Plug&Socket model GHG 51

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Explosion-protected electrical connectivity

solutions from Eaton covers a wide spectrum, e.g. CEAG-plugs, couplers, flange sockets to IEC 60309 and eXLink miniature connector systems with elbows and padlocking facilities. From Ethernet connections to 125 A, 3-phase motors – Eaton has a solution for every electrical connection. Special versions according to North American Standards are available from 20 A to 100 A.

Using the benefits of the well-proven eXLink technology will reduce maintenance costs as well as downtimes in the plant.

Above all, the eXLink product line stands for easy connection and disconnection. The outstanding characteristics of the products are their high chemical and mechanical stability. Moreover, eXLinks can be used in ambient temperatures from -55°C to + 75°C.

Key Feature

10 A to 125 A plugs and receptacles plastic

version for zone 1, 2, 21 and 22

Enclosure material glass-fibre reinforced polyester, polyamide

• Nickel-plated contacts
• Low insertion force
• Safety standard IP66 applies also in the plugged-in state
• Full AC-3 switching ability
• Self-cleaning lamellar contacts, low transition resistance
• All-pole on/off switching
• Easy plugging

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Plug&Socket model GHG 51