Series GHG 64 Ex-d Control and distribution systems IIB+H2

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GHG 64 Extract from our modular
construction system:
• Enclosure in 11 different sizes
• Wide variety of Ex-d actuators for push buttons, circuit breakers, main switches, etc.
• Stainless steel or powder-coated sheet metal
• Ex-e enclosures
• Two busbar systems (Ex-d up to 1150 A and, standard version, Ex-e up to 630 A)
• Free choice of suitable cable entries (Ex-d and Ex-e), e.g from CEAG and Capri
• Hinged cover with up to 110° opening angle
• Frameworks for wall and floor mounting
• Windows

Key Feature

Ex-d Light alloy empty enclosure GHG 64

Marking accd. to 2014/34/EU D II 2 G Ex de IIB / IIB + H2 Gb / D Ex t b IIIC Db
EC-Type Examination Certificate empty enclosure PTB 08 ATEX 1042U
Application temperature1) –20 °C up to +40 °C / –55 °C up to +60 °C (option)
Degree of protection accd. to EN 60529 IP65 (IP66 optional)
Enclosure material die-cast aluminium alloy
Enclosure colour RAL 7032/7046 (optionally with salt-water resistant paint finish)

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