Metallic Liquidtight Fittings

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Liquidtight fittings from Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Division are designed to protect conductors from mechanical damage due to vibration and movement while sealing out cutting oils, coolants, water and dust. Typical applications include the wiring of machine tools, motors, transformers, food processing equipment, robotics, air conditioning units and illuminated signs.

To meet any customer preference, Crouse-Hinds series liquidtight fittings are available in a variety of sizes, configurations and materials, including malleable iron, aluminum, zinc die cast, steel and stainless steel.

Key Feature

– Liquidtight, raintight, oiltight for protection and long life in wet, dusty and corrosive environments
– Hex shaped gland nut allows for easy wrenching, providing a fast, tight installation
– Suitable for wet locations
– Reusable, long ferrule prevents pull-out and tight bend conduit pop-out
– Furnished with locknut and sealing ring
– Third party certified
– Available in insulated and non-insulated versions to meet any customer preference

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